I would like to install phpBB 2.0 on a windows 2000 server on my network, so that network users can access this locally as a method of communicating over the network in addition to email. This needs to be available to about 200 people on site, which is managed by 3 NT domain controllers. Clients are mostly running W2k, XP.

So I install W2k Advanced Server, MSSQL 2000, and IIS and other stuff.

When I run install.php it just opens the source code in IE (ver 5.0).

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong, or if I need extra software (can only be free stuff). Haven't even started to look at the nightmare of using mssql yet.....

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated by myself and the company I work for.

Happy to look at any options for a forum of that size.

Sounds like you haven't configed php with IIS.

You need to install php so IIS can understand php and spitout code for you.

I'm not sure how MSSQL version of phpBB runs but it might be simplier unless you know MSSQL very well to install mysql and let phpBB make use of that.