hello expert:
got 2 basic questions:
1.don't know how to review php.ini content to check if register_globals is set "on" or "off". i know php.ini is on the server end. how to pull i up?

2. i see a paragraph says..."assuming register_globals is turned off"for this reason, we assume that you have access to the posted variables through the $_POST array only. What you are doing here is looping through $_POST and setting each variable yourself...

foreach($_POST as $key => $value) {

What does double $$ mean here ? (pass by referecence like c/c++?_

rarely see kind of $$ syntax.

Thank you very much

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It means it cost big dollars. :) Naa just another way of making a variable name. So the value of $key will be the name of the variable. For example observe the following:

$$d = $c; //only $c and $d is used
echo $test; //displays \run\dos\run

As you can see whatever the value of $d is is the name of the variable for use. So in this case $d equals test so the new variable will be $test.


thank you cwarn23 for the sample. help a lot. sure. will msn if stuck again.

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