Hi Everybody,

I am a flash developer and utilizing php sometimes for flash works. I am going to start my learning curve in php. so please suggest and must give a tutorial or pdf links to start with php and sql.

Thanks in advance.

Hope all will provide more pdfs and tutorial links.

Thanks JRM, you gave a good start from w3school... I expect more links from others.....

I would highly recommend getting Wiley PHP for dummies.
its about 411 pages and very detailed
hope you will find it helpful


One of the amazing tutorials for extreme beginners is www.tizag.com

but there you just learn how to start, if you want to advance, you have to do it the hard way, but I guess you know that since you're a flash developer.

So the forums should be your next move, search the forums, and post in the forums.

PHP is very easy and friendly, you should have no trouble learning.

Thanks to all. Anybody have any free e-book please share the links