Hey does anyone know of a way to crop images automatically while still focusing on the subject in the photo? I have a gallery of pictures and I would like to make all the thumbnails square shaped, just thought maybe someone knows if there is such a thing as smart crop or something of that nature. Perhaps let the user crop their own photos, how would one go about that w/ php + GD.

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Wow, that's pretty complex PHP!

Although it is miles out of my knowledge, I do have an idea:

Maybe you could have parts of the pictures hidden behind some kind of layers to match your page.

Can I emphasise again that i really don't know... lol :lol: -- I only have some basic knowledge of PHP!



I'd prefer to stay away from using layers to cover images, mostly because of all the incompatibilities between browsers, but in a pinch I have done some funky stuff with DHTML and CSS though.

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