Is there anyone here who could teach me php?
I am new at php and I do not understand it too well.
Sorry if this is in the wrong fourm.

Hi Yuki,
one of my favorite php books is "Beginning PHP4" by wrox. I'm not sure if theres an updated one for PHP5. But it was a very good book, at least for me.


Thank you, I would check out that book...
Once I get a chance to go to the book store.

Look at some of the free online tutorials and follow them through. Check that you can get them working, play around with making changes and understanding what they're doing.

Alot of your early development will be in getting scripts from sourceforge and other script libraries and getting them to work. Start with easy things like magpie and get and rss feed to show on your page.

Have some fun, but remember you have to get your hands dirty, you can't just read.


Oh, thank you for the tip!
I usually read. @.@