I need a better JSP Discussion Board. The site that I have came from a pre-built software. I had to do a lot of extra coding to change things up but I am having a hard time with the Discussion Board. Everything is in .html and .jsp pages. The Discussion Board is 6 pages all in .jsp pages. I am not really well versed with .jsp and I am having a heck of a time changing things the way that I need them.

Basically all the board does at this time is let people post & reply to messages and it puts them in chronological without keeping messages with their replies and there is not auto refresh. There are also a TON of other changes that need to be made.

Can anyone suggest a really good software that doesn't cost a lot of money or a place to find the code to walk me through making the changes that I need to make? Just one more thing...the people that will be using the board are not always really computer savy so it has to be VERY simple to use with out using any code on the users part.


What are you using now?

Try looking at Jive Forums. I've never used it myself, but that's what Sun uses on the Java discussion board.

Jive is nice (I may be biassed, I wrote part of it ;) ). It's not free anymore though (but I do have the last free version somewhere).