i have created a website application in asp.net using c# for our company's typical department.we dont have a server here.so it need to be deployed into a single computer.how shud i do it so that it can be used as a software in a click away...

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so u r willing test your app in LAN configuration..

if yes then you have to make one machine as Server.

in which deploy all your project files in IIS

apply the necessary permission and check;

it's lil headache but it's fun...try and let me know the problems..!


thanks a lot for ur reply/.....it is exactly what u meant...but can u please explain in detail....from the scratch...this is my first attempt..



1 > on server machine install IIS...

2> next create a virtual directory..which would be your project name

3> copy the contents of your project to this virtual directory.

4> Edit permission settings in which allow access of read/write to everyone (you have to search for user = Everyone )

5> Try the IP of server on your local machine..

6> http://serverIP/VirtualDirectoryyouhave created/Default.aspx

7> let me know the o/p

hope it should work...

if it works then i'll teach you one more technique which is more secured..!

try and let me know the o/p


k..thanks again...but lemme tell u the current status of my project.it is in C:\Inetpub\wwwroot\technical...everytym i open microsoftvisual studio 2005 and "debug" it to see my software run....so from that state how shud i move further...the sqlserver is in this system...so i may make this as my server...then......


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i followed this to make virtual directory.then i cud see the contents of my project inside it.so i didnt copy as u mentioned.then i followed xactly as u mentioned...

I have visited the link you have mentioned. One thing, once you have created the Virtual Directory, and after right clicking on Properties, you should have to check the Write and Directory Browsing checkbox. Also make sure the local path is correct. Also click on Configuration button, it will show you dialog box , now select Debugging tab and make sure under Debugging Flags section both checkbox are checked.


hey...thanks a lot for a ur help...it was almost impossible without ur help....i run aspnet_regiis.exe -i....reinstalled asp.net..and worked fine....once again thanks alooot


hey...thanks a lot for a ur help...it was almost impossible without ur help....i run aspnet_regiis.exe -i....reinstalled asp.net..and worked fine....once again thanks alooot

cool... see deployment is easy but we have manage the dependency all the time..


hey....1 more doubt..
i can login when i type this in myown systems i.e....
but how can i login to this using other sytems in lan.....
shud other systems need to have iis?or anyother thing?

when you see the login page on u r client side..
provide the necessary credentials it will check in the database

if credentials matches with database then you are ready to go!@

did u get any error when made an attempt for login..?


if you are able access the server from your machine..
then it should be possible for you to access the server from diff
machine in your network..


i made changes to the firewall settings and it is o.k now....
once again thanks a lot for ur help....:)

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