i have been using WAMP so never did a real php install...

now i am trying to install php on a windows2003 machine... downloaded php5.3 msi file and finished the installation, added the path to the environmental variable. i can run php file in cmd now.

however, i used notepad and saved file as php file. opening the php file with a web browser won't give me anything. any suggestion? thanks

p.s. i chose "do not setup a web server" option when installing php
since i don't really need this machine to be a webserver.. just want it be able to run php so i can do a php scripting project. (not sure if it matters)

Hi dear if you have installed WAMP then you should put your php files in the www folder of WAMP. For opening that file go to PHPMydmin and click on that file.

PHP files are not run without the webserver, Really you system is not configured as a webserver when you install like that, It will make you a localhost which is your system acting as a web server to execute your php files. So you can't able to run your files directly in browser. Your address should like below:


i see... without setting up a webserver my php page can't be executed on web browser... umm.. executing it in cmd is another option for me now

any other option besides running it on cmd or web browser?

Why you bothering to install XAMPP or WAMP?, there you have the inbuilt php and sql and you have to place your php in a relevant www or htdocs folder. Thats it! and you have good interface too (browser) other than cmd. Try it man!

i know WAMP is an easy solution and I have been using it for web development. however, this time whatever I am gonna do is for work. the machine is gonna execute my script shouldn't be a web server. we don't want anything not needed in that machine. it would be ideal if we can run php script on web browser without having a web server setup.. if it is not possible i think we just have to run it on cmd. thanks very much for the suggestoins.