how i can find sample ASP.Net Code and small Project
thanks :o

I would start on MSDN. Their articles on .NET programming generally include sample code.

For a simple querying database project with tons of trick. Check out this little app written in ASP .NET VB. This app is so easy to modify bec it was written entirely in notepad declarative/inline coding style, just like any ASP .NET books sample. It's FREE! No dll,code-behind,control, just like plain old HTMl, open it in notepad and u'r ready to roll. Please check out the user demo and admin page before you decided to download just get an idea what this little app can do. Access Database is included with over 1300 records just to get you started. What u see in the demo page is what you gonna get in the zip file.

DEMO and DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.myasp-net.com

Happy coding!

Dexter Zafra