Hey all, new guy here.

There's a local site that I need to use very often. It was recently remade and frankly the style makes me burp up in to my mouth. I'm wondering if there is some way I can apply a self-made style to this page through whatever method possible? This isn't something I would post online so I don't mind if I need to use a certain browser or plugin. It's just for me.

My first thought is an iframe and some javascript that would apply my css to the iframe content.

Does anyone have any examples of something like this? I've been googling around, but I've yet to see a working example, only a few theories.

Thank you all for your help! You will be saving me from literal days of time looking at a truly horrible website.

If the theme is done properly in css, use a browser with the ability to override style sheets. The IE setting (in Appearance [Accessibility]) and the Safari(PC) setting (Prefences [Advanced]) seem to be all-or-none. ISTR some browser having per-site customization but I don't see it at the moment.

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