i can't find any other posts on this, so....

i have a site hosted at godaddy and i'm using vb.net in dreamweaver to make my solution. i can connect to the database at godaddy by using the database connection wizard in dreamweaver, but i can't get my pages to use that connection.

any advice?


as an addendum: please, don't advise me to use visual studio. i'm looking for a solution with the given scenario. thanks!

you can't connect godaddy database server b' cz it will security reson thats why.

you can use database direct godaddy site through and configure all database service like create table ,store procedure,function view, trigger etc...

godaddy will provide conectionstring that you add in you config file...

i think this will helps?


i figured this out... i guess. so, because i didn't have the driver on my local machine, i couldn't connect remotely to the database. i downloaded the odbc driver and i finally got a connection.