i want to add an advertisment in my site. is there any control for that as in asp.net or some other way? i wnat adds to be changed after few seconds..
kindly help me and give ur precious suggestions.

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If you are using a Content Management System like Joomla, Mambo, or Wordpress, adding advertisements would come quite easy.

If you are hard-coding you can look for add-ons or functions that displays ads to your site, to give you an idea how to start with it.


me not using CMS . thats why unluckily its quite tough for me . there is some thing like add rotator can someone tell me waht is that? and good to use or not?


u can use javascript setInterval();
and content management systems are dumb.

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I never used CMS myself but for others it becomes useful. You can't say that something is DUMB just because you don't like it. Better be careful with the words you use in the forum before you start offending people with a different preference.
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