Hello I am developing a module / script that gets information stored about user nodes in the drupal database and sends it to our Salesforce lead generation form. So I am pretty new to this and have a couple of questions that I think the community might be able to point me in the right direction ive spent hours searching already.
1st: How do I find all the fields stored for a node like a funtion that will print out every field a user has in the database.
2. How do I access values stored in a taxonomy.
This is probably the hardest part for me to figure out, I havent been able to print out the values of a taxonomy for the users.
The mapping to salesforce is the easiest part the fields are easily found in salesforce but I am just an intern trying to map the rest of the fields while the main developer is busy so its mostly done the only critical part left is a section where you select a value from a picklist which have parents and children I have no idea how to find these values.

3. Is there any way to view the actual script that runs when a form is submitted. I am new to drupal and as said before most things im working on are half developed so Im not sure if this is a problem with drupal or the way the development team integrated the form but I cant find any actual php code that would put the values a user enters in a specific database.

Any help is appreciated I am just trying to get some insight into how these things can be achieved.

I wasnt sure if this is the right category for this post. I picked it because Web Services and SOAP are related. However I guess databases or some other category would be appropriate. If your a mod who comes along this thread place in the category you feel matches the post best.

I just read about this tool called Drush. Has anyone had any experience using this tool. I was thinking to try and solve my problem I could just use the tool to dump the mysql table, then dump the SOQL(Salesforce) table and compare the two. I figure it will help with mapping so at least I can have this documented.
I feel like a lot of people want to accomplish this but it has not really been properly documented so my goal for this week is to figure it out for everyone I will post a code snippet later tonight and all progress here.