I have a form that works fine, unless there is too much data in the textarea. This does not appear to be a problem with the database, as the form is getting stuck before it even submits to the action page. In fact, I commented out the entire action page just to be sure.

I am pulling the data in the textarea from the database. It displays just fine, but when I hit submit, the form tries to connect to the server and then gives me a network interrupted message. I am using action = post in the form. If I delete some of the text, it works. But the amount of text I have to delete seems to vary.

I am on a shared server environment.

Any ideas? Thank you!

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If possible, I would try the code on a local development box before posting it to a shared server. This not only helps you be a "better neighbor" to the folks who share the server you're on, but it can help identify server-related problems.

In this case, this sounds like a timeout issue. You can increase the timeout using the <CFSETTING> tag and the requestimeout attribute - which will tell the CFML processor to wait longer (however much you tell it to) for the request to be processed. If the CFSETTING tag has no effect, then you'll know the problem is not in your code - but in your web server or your DB server.

Hope this helps.

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