I want to create an XML file Containing 3 tables say
Table 1 : Under this i have one column :Data which has 3 rows of data say 1, 2 ,3.
Similarly i want to create more two tables which will have similar structure.

All these 3 tables should be contained in an XML file.

Also, i want to give this xml file as a datasource for filling my drop down list.

Ne help please? how to create this??

Thanks a lot in advance.


Can ne one please help me out on the above problem????????

Well, i myself got the solution..and would like to share with u guys also..
Firstly, in the .xml file ( Add New item --> XML file) create tables.

In the code behind :
Import Namespace : using System.XML;

1) Create a Dataset object. eg: Dataset ds = new Dataset();
2) Datasetobject.Readxml( give here path of the XML file)
3) Yourcontrol name . datasource = datasetname

Phew..its done..it was rather a simple task however it took hours for me ! :( Newayz finally i got it working !!

Thanks a lot...If you guys have a simpler solutions please let me know....

Thanks a lot once again.