My PHP is rusty, but I'm not letting that stop me. I've got a project my business is undertaking for our local area:

The project can be seen as a simplified linkedin, with the ability for users to register a company page, which will allocate a subdomain via cpanel. The company page will act as an independent webpage, with customizable theming and blocks/widgets and a simple blogging tool, much like that of a facebook status.

Registering a company page will have a monthly fee. The idea being, that these businesses are all too broke and cheap to pay for their own website, so we will provide this service to give them a space on the web.

People can register for free, update their profile, CV, references etc, post classified ads, organize events and a few other features.

So, my question is, although I've been coding PHP for 6 years, what would a good starting point be as to which framework I could utilize for a fairly rapid deployment of this idea?

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Try Zend Framework, I feel its the easiest to use.

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