hei all
im a new web developer and wnt to use some jsp code in my website.
I tried to open som file from tomcat Root folder from a browswer. but it dose not open. What's problem.
the relative address is
where in apacha can I find the port nr?

1) Tomcat have to be running
2) You will get something like on the attached image(there are some small differences between tomcat 5 and tomcat 6)
3) To create new project have look at this link from Apache Tomcat documentation

If you have more questions just ask

I got it. Now i coded to send an email from an JSP, but i get some error mesage related to mailhost.
i need some help to make the code in a right way.
the error message is shown in the attachment .

Sorry I do not have experience with this, but maybe some of the examples from this site can help you www.java2s.com