Hi all,
I am having a page where there is a drop down box for projects.Below that i had a list of users with check boxes. so wen i select a project in the drop down and assign some users to that project by checking on checkbox.
so here is my problem. wen i select the same project from drop down i should see the users who are assigned to that project as checked. so wen i select another project then users assigned to that project should be checked.
I came to know that this can be done by Ajax. so can any one help me please....

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on change of the project i need to get the users who are assigned to that project as checked. so that link contains code of radio button and also different. As i am new to ajax i need some more clearly. so please...


Post the code that you have so far and we'll have a look at it. jQuery or Prototype could save you some serious headaches.


Keep in mind that you don't need to use AJAX for this.

You could have your drop list trigger a javascript to reload the page pulling up the checked status relevant to the project selected in the droplist.

AJAX might be the best solution, but it's not necessarily the best solution.

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