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hi all,

i am working on a project. my project needs videos tv( Playing videos flash player).
my reference site is http://www.zooweekly.com.au/zootube/index.htm.

I need that type of flash player.
is it passible to do it. can you guide me plz...

there is a program called free studio that you can use to convert video to flash and choose a flash player from a list to add to your site.



1) Hosting videos
- choose a platform like Vimeo / YouTube etc. They have restrictions though. Perhaps $.
- host your own. Loads of videos eat up resources. Your server will become overloaded very quickly. You may need a special media streaming server. $$$$ (see media hosting)

2) Players
- embeddable videos from other sites may come with own players
- for local files, see FlowPlayer, but many alternatives out there*.

* Most local players can only work with flv files. There are literally hundreds of free video transcoders out there. Some sites will also upload and convert videos for you.

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