plz u know that the syntax validation on mail address is not enough so, i wanna know how can i check the availabilty of mail address it's valid or not (i don't mean syntax i mean it's right mail or not).
thanks in advance

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I smell a future spammer. I hate spam with a passion. The
only true way to answer the question is: Send an email to the
email address, if it gets returned undeliverable then it dosn't
exist. This isn't 100% though as some email servers drop
traffic from specific countries by IP range and simply do not

Further methods: There are various methods to attain
what you are attempting to do. All used by spammers and
none appreciated by the world at large. I dont know a single
systems admin that wouldnt be willing to hang a spammer
without question or remorse.

Else, contact the systems/domain administrator and ask, if you
have a valid need you will get an answer, else you will be ignored
and dropped and added to the long list of bad bad IPs on the net.

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