I do need some help I am building up an asp application that will access an SQL server [database] so what I want is for the admin access to add, update and delete in all the tables

I have about 13 different tables so my questions is do I have to do separate add.asp update.asp and delete.asp for all the different tables or I can have just one and do the include as like the one for database connection I am a baby in ASP so I really need some help.

solution tho no idea yet how to implement it

So i just want to create create one page , on that page with my text boxes make one combo box and put all my database table names in this combo box.Before adding the data First select my table name from combo box then click on add . In my code pass querystring for every table different i.e pass 1,2,3... like this then retrieve querystring using

a=request.querystring(----your variable in combo option---)

then make the connection with my database and put my insert statement in one variable for every table then put the if condition and write if (value come from querystring is 1 then execute my first variable in which there is the insert statement of first table else if (value come from querystring is 2 then execute my second variable in which there is the insert statement of sec. table. then do same thing for update and del button.