ive a dynamic dropdownlist, which items are retrieved frm db. but when i select an item from the dropdownlist, the item does not stay selected instead the dropdownlist make a postback and stay as default value.

wad shd i do? is there any mtd to get d value selected?


related codes below--

function chktype(){
    document.gt.action = 'add_user.asp?userID='+document.gt.userID.value;   

<select name="type" onChange="chktype();" mandatory='true' class="text">
    <%sql = "select distinct * from t_user_type order by userType"   
        set rs = conn.execute(sql)
        do while not rs.eof%>  
        <option value="<%=rs("userType")%>" <%if request.Form("type") =rs("userType") then response.Write(" selected")%>><%=rs("userType")%></option>

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i had the same problem.

to my knowledge (im not at my development pc right now) the if statement doesnt like retrieving records from a db and comparing it to a form value.

try making vars of the two that you want to compare, then if it.

not sure if it would work

wad do u mean? i dun quite understand.. do u mind sharing n tellin me more?

it wud b great to even provide some eg. hEE~

real thanks... :cheesy:

go asp.net, automatic saving values in forms

go asp.net, automatic saving values in forms

;) huh?!? im using asp not asp.net.. i dun quite understand wad are u tryin 2 link me to.. haha~ would u prefer to explain more.. cheers~

Hello mate,

Having a similar problem myself. The equivelant code works in PHP but ASP doesn't want to know. Did you figure it out in the end?


hey buddy
do this and it will work
and if it wont let me know

here it goes


and then set the action
it will be set

try it and let me know

Same problem here mentioned above...
I set AutoPostback property of dropdownlist as true...
It takes always first value in the dropdownlist

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