Good morning,

I need to create an application in ASP.NET which will give the users the ability to select a date and a room name which will then display the schedule for that particular room in reference to the selected date, attached is a picture of what I mean called "initial view.jpg" . Then for displaying it I need something along the lines of "schedule details.jpg" . I am really new at ASP.NET, if someone could direct towards the right tutorials, or where to start I would greatly appreciate it.

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Thank you so much for your offer to help.

I will be sure to go and read the link you provided me with.


Thanks for the link vuyiswamb, however would you happen to know of a less expensive solution by any chance?


Hello vuyiswamb,

I looked at the Telerik solution and after much thinking it looks like we could spend the money.
If I may ask, how would you approach developping a solution for this?

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Thank you vuyiswamb.
I am looking right now into the how it works, before bothering you with a question, I want to make sure I try everything I can, plus that is hte best way to learn.

Thanks again, I will be sure to contact if I have a question.