Hi all, I'm after the opinion from experienced website devs.

I want to build a website provides articles, of which some are restricted to subscribers. I will want to give users the ability to comment and rate articles.

So I will need the following functionality:

  1. authentication
  2. forms
  3. user profile
  4. PayPal STD - recurring payments
  5. commets with validation
  6. article star rating

I am compitent enough at HTML/CSS and basic PHP.

I am not skilled enough in the software/frameworks I'm looking at, to know which to give my attention to out of: WordPress, Drupal and CodeIgniter. I have a very basic experience using both CodeIgniter and WordPress and have used Drupal quite a bit but only at a basic level.

I dont want to build a blog, I don't really want to build a CMS, I just want to build a very specific website. Drupal seems bulky and slow, Wordpress seems to be a hackers dream, and learning CI/OOP is scarey.

I'd build it confidentiality from scratch using procedural PHP and HTML/CSS, but I don't kn ow how to integrate PayPal recurring payments nor am I experienced with securing PHP code.

Any insight.advice would be very welcome.

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