Hi All,

I am new to this particular forum because I will like to start working with ASP.NET (it's required in my job) but I haven't the faintest idea anything pertaining ASP.NET. I hear things like Configuring IIS and Visual Studio...I was told that this is for a web-based application...could someone please guide me into understanding these things, the necessary requirements, the everything (I hope...)...

Anxiously awaiting your reply :S

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Check the MSDN site for details on configuring Microsoft products such as IIS.

Visual Studio suite configuration information is available at their site as well.

If you're familiar with VB or C# you should have minimal difficulty transitioning to ASP.Net coding as most of the code-behind involved is in either of those 2 languages. Some of the front end development is slightly different from developing for a windows forms application but not so much so that it'd be impossible to work through.

There are a number of excellent tutorial sites and information forums (such as this one) that can help you through the rough patches as you first get moving in the web application direction.

Hope that helps :)


I did follow through your suggestion for configuring IIS using the MSDN link you provided and I got stuck in the beginning...here is a screen shot of the problem.

wow...no one has ever gotten this problem?!?

Not Solved...but I am closing this thread!

Just for those viewing, I figured it out...the snap-in was manually installed via the command prompt so this problem was fixed.

cool :)

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