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Hi all,

I've seen sites that use some kind of AJAX validation when typing in an address. On top of this when the address is typed it runs a search and then asks if I meant the found address or the one I typed. The found one is complete with type of street and zip.

I would like to implement this exact thing on my site.

Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, some of the sites I've seen with this function don't look like multimillion dollar sites. Looks like something a crafty programmer could put together. Hope it's something I can integrate.

Thanks for any help on this.




when you say address, do you mean a street address? or a url?

To put it simply, the ajax bit is no problem, you literally only need 1 small script. For the google part of things you will need to get yourself familiar with google geocode and ger an API key.

This is how I envisage this working for you.

1. user enters details.
2. ajax is used to get results via a php page
3. That php page uses CURL to process the api call and returns to the front page

Hi whiteyoh,

Thanks for the insight. Going to look into CURL and it's functions. Much appreciated....