Hi !

I need your helps.

i m developing tour website. i have no idea about flight reservation.
requirement is as under:

1- user selects origin/ destination , date of travel, number of passengers ( adult/child/infant).
2-view the available flights
3- selects flights
4-get the fare/ taxes/rules of the ticket/total price
5-fill in the form of names/contact number/email.
6-reserve a seat / meal/ request special requirements like wheel chair.
7-credit card payment
8-get the tickets.
9-view bookings and check statues/ changes/ print tickets or receipts.
10- create flights and publish schedules. includes add destinations/ taxes/ timings etc..
11-edit flights ( change time / cancel )
12-publish fares ,rules,promotions.
13-edit fares and ticket rules
14-create accounts to allow these functions
15-generate reports from the databse. Not yet specified.

Anyone help me for this...

Perhaps you should ask your client about his specific wishes...

haha! You totally specified the requirements of the client. Who is going to do?

Analysis, Designing, Developing and Deployment are the process of the project development. In which stage are you? Somewhat you have to design a login form, filling contact form etc. Going to maintenance the details of status and the passengers in the database etc.

What technology you know? Trying to implement this project in which technology? What is the level of your knowledge in that technology? What you have initialized? hmmm...

i m at development stage of this system..
i m developing in joomla. but i do custom coding on it.

hi......i think u can make proper plane about dis........

i want this :

Flight Search(Leaving from, to destination with date and time with additional option Airline option and class)
And display booked date.

I don't mean to sound discouraging, but what you're talking about sounds like a massive undertaking.

Established travel companies with teams of experienced programmers spend years and probably hundreds of thousands of dollars to do this sort of thing.

I doubt that you could do all these things in Joomla.

Before you spend much time coding, you'll want to do a lot of research to determine of the project is feasible and if the tools (particularly Joomla) are appropriate for this sort of project.

At the very least, you'd have to interface with existing online reservations systems.

You might find that an affiliate arrangement with and existing tour operator or reservation system is more appropriate.

I agree with the previous note that you will need some expertise and some time to put this together. Have a look at the following links:

Expedia Affiliate Program: http://www.expediaaffiliate.com/private-label-xml.html

A service similar to what you are trying to do: Kayak

A sample of the Expedia API Spec (2007): Expedia API

I'm sure that Travelocity and other such companies provide similar capabilities. I think that you have a lot of research to do before you decide on the best approach.

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Hello gracezaheer,

Can at least give us a look of your flight reservation component. It is not necessary to be affiliated with any booking engine Amadeus etc. Just for two office on two different location so that both can book and see their database results.

Thanx and bye