now iam doing a photo gallery in my site...(aspx in
and i got some sample coding but mostly are in C#....recentuly i being redirected to a sample page and yupe// it looks good for me..~ but i am just wondering how can i do an upload function in my aspx (
the coding is too long for me to paste here..
but i am trying to say.. how to do in aspx ( coding) when admin click a browse button... it will browse and then select and upload it to my /images/... and the the view.aspx will display the photo?

something like upload and download function? can anyone help ? thanks....

if you nid to email me.. i am available at any time...

thanks for the help~

Work off this sample:

Sub btnUpload_Click  (Sender as Object, e as EventArgs)

If Not (ctlFileImage.Posted is Nothing) Then


With ctlFileImage.Posted


      Dim lngFileSize as Long = .ContentLength ‘//Size in Bytes upload file

      Dim sContentType as String = .ContentType ‘//Returned by MINE type

      Dim sFileName as String =.FileName ‘//Client File Name and Path


‘//Size Check if you do not require it then comment the following if

If (lngFileSize / 1024) > 10 Then ‘// If file size is over 10Kb

      lblError.Caption += “File Size Too Much {:-o

      lblError.Visible = True

      Exit Sub

End If


‘//File Type Filteration: add any type and add the code to you specific type

Select Case Trim (sContentType.ToLower)


‘// Filter the file types that are sent by the browser

Case "image/gif", "image/pjpg", "image/jpeg", "image/pjpeg", "image/jpg"



‘// Save the file to the server if you cannot save it then see the Errors       ‘//Details Section below almost at end of the article


‘//Get only filename.ext by using IO Class no path as we use our own path

sFileName = System.IO.Path.GetFileName (.FileName)


.SaveAs (Server.MapPath (“/project/users_imgs/) & sFilename)


‘// you can also code here to store this picture in SQL server rather   ‘// than saving on the server

‘// That will be my next version of this article :-)


‘// Now file is uploaded but what about the description of the picture.

‘// in ASP.NET all the controls persist their values in the server round

‘// cycles so you donot worry about the value of txtDesc it will be

‘// there as normal. So you can now use the txtDesc.Text and image

‘// path to store in the databse


Dim conn as New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlConnection (Your Connection String)

Dim cmd as New System.Data.SqlClient.SqlCommand


With cmd

      .CommandText = “your update or insert query that use txtDesc.Text and other controls

      .Connection = conn

      .CommandType = CommandType.Text

      If Conn.State = ConnectionState.Closed Then Conn.Open ()

      .ExecuteNonQuery ()

End With


Catch ex As Exception

            lblError.Caption += ex.ToString

            lblError.Visible = True

            Exit Sub

End Try


Case Else

      lblError.Caption += “Invalid File Type Only Pictured are required.

      lblError.Visible = True

      Exit Sub


      End Select


End With


End Sub