Hi, i'm trying to achieve the exact same effect as the 4 bottom tabs of this page :


Most Jquery I have seen 'pushes' the content above or below it up or down the page as it reveals the hidden content, the above example reveals the content over the top without pushing out any other content which is what I am looking for

I have tried to take the code and everything works aside from those tabs!! I was hoping somebody has a link to another site that does the same effect or if anyone can help??

Thanks in advance


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I had a view in the above web site and it's corresponding code. Yes, it was not push out at the top of the menu if you ran code by using .html file extension. But, in the web site it was push out the images and all. Why because, observe the following code:

Event.observe(window, 'load', function () {
new vbNavigation('/virgin/Images/lady-city-thin_tcm23-2414.jpg','/virgin/Images/background-popout2_tcm23-2602.gif','home');

Here there is a new vbNavigation object is there. Actually it was one of the websoftware feature which push out automatically when we navigate on it. It was dynamically load the functions. If you have that websoftware in your machine than copy this same code and try it. Definetly you got it.

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