What I want to achieve is getting below url through submission.


For that, I need two drop down list. Both for team (team1, team2)

Both team1 and team2 are fetched from single field of table database. i.e. there is no difference between any drop down list.

Now, once user select India from team1, team2 should show everything except India. (may be through reload or so)

Once user select each team in both field, he will click on submit and the url will be like http://www.example.com/team1-vs-team2.html

Anyone here who know about this complicated issue ?

I am using Smarty as template engine.

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i couldn't see the link contents..can u tel me the proper link like how u want??

That was example. I don't want to put url live here. :)


If I were you, I would ask this question at the Smarty forums
preferably after reading their FAQ and wiki.

smarty forum is dead. Moreover, its hardly related to smarty. It's mostly related to php and javascript.

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