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I have a page showing products records and there is a checkbox and textfield to enter order quantity for each record. When i click on the Add btn, it will check for the checked records and take in the selected products details and the order quantity and then store the data in the database. I am facing problem in retrieving the quantity textfield value. When i select more than one records and enter different quantity value, it will only store the first quantity value which is incorrect. When i try to print out those quantity textfield to test, the results are incorrect. It print out the value in ALL quantity textfields. By right, it should only print out quantity value in the checked textfields, isnt it so?

I did validation for checkbox in javascript checking whether user check on the checkbox to add the selected records. What should i do? store quantity in array? If so, how should i store?


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same as your checkbox query.

give each textfield a different name i sugest something like "quant<%= rs("id") %>" where id is the "id" value of the record its suposed to belong to.

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