I am pritty new with php but ok with it and what i am trying to do is making an inventory control system which is at time in xls file and want to transfer it to DB. what the problem is that i have never done this kind of advance php bfore and i have seen ppl do this and have no idea on what what commands to use so any hint would be nice...
also these xls file will update and will be uploaded alot so i need to make a perment solution not a 1 time solution; i can design all the html and basic code for php but have no idead how to take data in xls into db like what command i use to convert xls file...
Thanks :)

As far as I know this is no easy way to convert excel file into sql db. Most people use software to convert it (do google search you will find plenty software around). I also come across similar question in other forum: http://www.dbforums.com/t664363.html

Well it is not converting exls file into sql db but taking data out of the xls file and inserting it into the db is what i want. i m pritty sure that that this is long shot but why not give it a try...

(i) If you're familiar with Java, the the Apache POI project allows you to easily read and write Office documents. If you can stick to just java, then I'd use this.

(ii) You can integrate java with your php code.

(iii) combining (i) and (ii), with a lot of work, could bring you what you want.

Hopefully there's an easier way for you.

Good luck.

THX I will look into it and figure out what i can do.. ;)

Let us know how you get on.