Hi everybody,

I'm currently studying for a HND in Interactive Media Design and our current assignment is a Self Managed Learning Plan based on a technology/language of our choosing.

For my SMLP I have chosen to learn about the application of PHP within the Interactive Media/WebDesign industry.

As there are many different uses of PHP, I'm keen to learn the more commonly used functions used by professional web designers/developers.

Please post below your most common uses for PHP.

Many thanks in advance,

The ones that come to my mind...

For a Login system, Visitor tracking
For eCommerce 
For Content Managing Systems (CMS)

Anything on the web that uses a database and / or needs something beyond a simple display (i.e. some logic is required) can use PHP. Thus, you can build systems rather than just a site. CMS's were already mentioned. Forums, social networking, chat, email, blogs, classified ads and almost anything you can imagine that would run from a server can be done in PHP (and probably has been done many times over).