First of all thanks to the admin who given us this platform to get help and give help..

Secondly i want to someone help who knows php+mysql i am nill in it but if someone guide main i will do as he say..

i got sms script from my friend there is one textarea where we write number and second is text box where we write msg to send.. its working fine only two files i have index.php and sendsms.php.. I want to make there some more features like i want to make stats and logs, stats like how many sms has been sent till now.. and logs i want to make like what sms are going where to protect privacy and to stop abusing.. i know its possible with database but i dont know how.. sendsms.php has api code.

Can anyone please help me...

First you will need to have a database server (MySQL is the most used)
The database would have 2 tables (for now..as we add more features, we could add tables or columns)
One for users and the other for statistics, the primary key should be username in both tables.

The process would be like this

1.- User logs in.
2.- Sends a SMS.
3.- Then the statistics table would be updated, meaning incrementing message count, recording date and time the SMS was sent and other stuff you want to log.