hi, im just a newbie web developer. in the page im working on with, there's a textarea and a remove button. :-| the textarea displays the records selected from checkboxes.

my problem is this... :sad: i have a remove button and i want it to function this way. wen clicked, it shud REMOVE wat is displayed first (the first row) inside the textarea. that is, the first record. so wen i click the button again, it will remove again wat is displayed on the first row and so on.

can somebody help me wit my problem?

i wud very much appreciate ur help.
thank u, god bless!!
more power!!

Does your solution need to use jsp's and servlets? Or does it need to use java script? Or does it matter which technology you're using?

Also, wouldn't it seem to be better to have an OptionBox instead of a TextField if each row of data is its own enity?

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it doesnt matter which technology i shud use.
this is d flow:
1. from 1st page, der r checkboxes w/ corresponding records.
der is also an ADD button.
[ ] record1
[ ] record2
[ ] record3 and so on...


2. if a record/s r checked, and ADD button is clicked. the page will close & the records will be passed to the 2nd page. dey will b displayed in d 2nd page's textarea.
d textarea has a REMOVE button.

record 1

record 3

------------------------ [REMOVE]

if i click the remove button. d 1st record displayed in the textarea will be removed. if click it again, the next record will b removed too and so on until all records to remove r removed.

wud that be possible? :o
hope u get it. :-|

tnx in advance!

god bless,

It actually sounds like jsp combined with servlets would be a perfect solution for what you're trying to do.

This is where you're going to need to do some foot work to get your environment on your machine setup and figure out how jsp and servlets work.

If you have specific questions how to setup your environment or specific questions about the code... Let us know. But we won't hold your hand and walk you through the whole process.



gee, as a newbie, that seems a little too complex! :cry: but thanx anyway for lending a helping hand for guys like me. did u understand the flow? if so, can i ask for some alternatives for it u cud share. maybe i shud forget about textarea then. ;)

god bless.

lot of thanks,

You could use only jsps, but using servlets would make your life easier. Removing the TextArea won't make any of the code easier.

You might be able to do something like this easier in php, but I can barely spell php, so i'm not positive.