I am new to visual basic. I have an internship at a real estate company and my project for the next couple months is to create a database for real estate. The overall project consists of a application that each agent will log into and will be able to search for different properties based on information that is in the database. The database will be created in Access. Also from that screen it can be an option to add a property to the database. When added I want it to go to Access and be saved in there. Also when they want to print the property information it will make a separate screen with the property information. This is the basic setup. Ideally I would like it to be on the internet. I have taken a class for visual basic, so I have some basic knowledge of the language.

My question is, is this project do able? If so where should I begin?

Very do able. This is what ASP.Net is all about :). Start your research into Gridview, Listview, and repeater controls. Look into AccessDataSource as well to SELECT, UPDATE, and INSERT your information from your database. For the reporting functions I really love Crystal Reports for information reporting from a database, otherwise you can use the aforementioned controls to parse information into nice reports too. The login can be done in many ways but the best option is dependent on the network that they have. Do they have a domain with Active directory accounts/logins? If so you can tie right into that for authentication and wont need to create a separate User database. Seeing as you only have a few months to complete this task (should be plenty of time) I suggest you pick up a good book to learn the basics of asp.net. I started with ASP.net with 'Sams teach yourself ASP.net in 24 hours.' 8 hours a day for a week and you can have the bulk of the book done and a good idea where to go with your site.
One thing to consider if you want to go live on the internet. You will need a Server running .Net framework and IIS to host your site on. Most companies do have this so it shouldn't be a big issue for you.

Any more questions feel free to ask! I love to help out...oh... and WELCOME to the world of ASP.net! Its amazing :) Its fun :) you should love it!!