Hi everyone,

I'm sure the fix to this problem is really easy as I checked my code and I've pinpointed the cause but I'm not sure where to apply the fix.

Currently I'm developing a Wordpress theme at ReceForPeace.org and on the index page you can see that the footer is shooting left whereas on all the content pages, it aligns perfectly. I think this is because the footer is being placed outside the content div wheras on the page.php file it is inside, but I'm having issues figuring out how to fix the glitch.

I've even gone so far as creating a custom div to be used only on the index.php file and then using a absolute CSS position to center the footer, but that was ignored for some reason.

Also, on the content pages, if you look below the footer on the sides, you'll see that the background image I have repeating continues to go beyond the footer. While I know CSS3 has a background-size property, as it's not fully supported by all the major browsers I wanted to know if anyone had suggestions on a workaround for the meantime.

Thanks very much in advance and if need be, I can post my individual code files, but I've found it easier to use the browser view since it shows all the code in one place vs. having to guess what closing div applies where.

Hi Steve,

Apologies for the typo, here's the correct link http://raceforpeace.org/ I didn't know that the URL was case sensitive.

I've been using the Web Developer toolbar which I have been using and that's what has led me to see that the footer appears to be out of place on the index vs. the standard pages.

Not sure if you need the full PHP code, but if so I'll try to get the PHP code up as soon as I get the chance.