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I just wanted to know the following things if u can just help me.

I made a website in Visual Studio 2008 and used the database provided by the VS .

That website runs successfully on the machine having visual studio[As in that i just attach my database through the GUI provided by VS].

Now I want to deploy that website on a LAN. I have the database in .ldf and .mdf format. But I dont know whether it is in sql 2005 or sql 2008[as i made it through Visual Studio GUI]

Now the system in which i have to deploy cannot have a licensed product. So i have to convert that database either to open source or an free version of sql server.

I chose to go for SQL Server express edition that is free. Now the prolem being whether I use SQL Server 2008 or 2005 as i dont know which database was provided by the VS.[when i made that databse]

But the problem being that on the system in which i have to deploy does not contain VS.

Supposing it provides SQL Server 2005 express edition I permormed the following test:-

Now i have installed .NET framework 3.5, MS SQL server 2005 Express Edition and the SQL Server management studio that is a GUI for handling d/b. Now when I attached that database[that i have, of which i dont have the version]. I can see the database and tbles and all the contents that was there in the d/b.[through that management studio GUI].

Now i have deployed my website on IIS also and when i browse my page i can see it on the browser but ....... I am not able to connect to the database tables as when i enter the login and password it comes to the same login page again without showing any error. Now, I cannot identify whether its due to the following reason:-

1> The database that i have is in SQL server 2008 express edition or something else.
2> I have to make some changes in the connectivity[in web.config or some other location]

NOTE: Also when i connected the d/b in management stuio it shows all the tables with dbo as a prefix.
for eg. suppose i had a table as User_Master than its showing as dbo.User_Master.

please guide me if u can. Waiting for ur reply.

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