I have an ASP.NET application that runs one way when I run it within Visual Studio 2010 (the way it should), but when I publish it onto the web server and run it there, it runs differently. I have reset IIS (iisreset), shutdown and restarted the web site, deleted the old files and republished to a clean directory, but nothing has helped. I am thinking that IIS has cached something that I cannot get rid of. Anyone have any suggestions?

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With Visual Studio, you can either use IIS web server or VS Development Server. Maybe you are using the latter?

I actually was not aware that I could use IIS within Visual Studio. The point is that my application is running differently, and incorrectly, when I publish it to IIS. I do not see any reason why it should run any differently as long as everything else is the same, like .Net updates, permissions, etc.

Have you verified your running the proper version of .net on both sides?

IN IIS Manager:
Websites >> your website
right click > properties >asp.net

IN VS2010, right click project > properties> .. .

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