hey i have multiple sessions with aray values from DB within, now i'd like to run through a loop and have all those values which displayed...

here's my code:

echo "<div id='RoomBorderPayment'>";
   echo "<table border='0' width='70%' cellpadding='3' style='border-width:thin'>";
   echo "<tr><th colspan='2'><p>You are booking:</p></th><th>Amount</th></tr>";
   $res = mysql_query("Select * from room");
   		$_SESSION['booked_rooms'] = array(); //makes an $_SESSION array
		$_SESSION['booked_room_price'] = array(); 
   		$index = 0;
		$total = 0;
		while($row = mysql_fetch_assoc($res))
			foreach($_SESSION['room'] as $Rname)
				if($Rname == $row['RoomName'])
					$_SESSION['booked_rooms'][] = $row['RoomName']; //populates S_SESSION array
	   				echo "<tr><td width='55%'>1 x ".$row["RoomName"]." (".$NumPeople[$index]." Guest x ".$nights." ".$night.")</td><td width='15%'></td><td width='30%' align='center'>R".SeasonPrice($Rname, $nights)."</td></tr>";
					$total += SeasonPrice($Rname, $nights);
					$_SESSION['booked_room_price'][] = SeasonPrice($Rname, $nights);//collects all the room prices
					echo '<br/>';
   echo "<tr><td></td><td align='right'><b>Total:</b></td><td align='center'><b>R".$total."</b></td></tr>";
   echo "<tr><td>A deposit of <b>R".(number_format($total, 2, '.', '')/2)."</b> will secure this booking</td><td></td><td></td></tr>";//".deposit()."
   echo "</table>";
   echo "</div>";

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echo "<br>";

foreach($_SESSION['booked_rooms'] as $key => $booked)
	echo $booked." ".$_SESSION['booked_room_price']."<br>";

so with the var_dump() it shows that all values are being passed correctly however it won't display the $_SESSION values instead just displays the word 'Array'...

if anyone can help me on this pl my brain is fried


You can't echo an array, it isn't that smart. If you want to dump it, you can use print_r. If you want to do your own formatted display then you need to spin through the array pulling out the values and displaying them or referencing them individually (e.g. $_SESSION[0] )

Thanks worked fine... Sweet stuff