Hello friends,

I need your ideas on my new project in word press. How should i approach that.

what i want to achieve is that Client will have library of word press themes called wps themes on his server.

I need to create a plugin which when install 1)- The plugin will search for a wps themes, if does not find any wps theme installed on the client server, it will search and display all wps themes that are available. and it will advise the user that api is required to activate the full functiality of the theme. but if dont want to use api, user still can install any wps theme but in degrade mode (without plugins). 2)- if he uses the api and then all the plug ins related to particular themes will be installed.

My main concern is here how to search the themes and how to copy the files from there?

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance. -Naveen

Create a web service medium. The copyright matter is something you should investigate but making a web service medium reading the themes and passing them in the format that will be accessible from your distributed client program won’t be a problem.

Thanks jakon for your reply.
It really gives me a start.

I am able to figure out how to search the themes
Lets assusme i have create a table in client server which holds all the info. regarding the themes available.
Then i will create the webservice that will poll all the info. regarding the themes and displays in the plugin interface.
But again my only concern is right now how to Install the themes i mean how to copy the files from there?
Can you pls explain in detail