I have created a transparent flash video (virtual spokesperson) for my website. For demoing purposes, I would like surfers to be able to have this movie appear on any desired website of their choice.

On my site, I would like the surfer to be able to type in a URL, and my demo virtual spokesperson appear on this site. Have a look at companies which offer this feature:
http://www.vspworldwide.com, http://www.impactspokesperson.com, http://www.websitetalkingheads.com and http://www.laserstreamvideo.com.

This is what I am trying to produce (the end result) - here a virtual spokesperson appears on this website: http://www.innovateads.com/iads/demo.php?url=http://www.daniweb.com

I believe they do this within an iframe to display the underlying website. Any ideas how to get this working ? I would really appreciate any feedback, code, how-tos, links... whatever. Thanks

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Anyone out there that can help me out here? Would be great - thanks :O)

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