you'll see I'm a gamer as well as a web/desktop developer and I have built so many application in both technologies.

But yesterday I was amused by something I saw. I like to play this Combat Arms game from Nexon a very well developed FPS online action game, scince I downloaded the update I noticed that when I double click on the game icon it actually open a browser where I login (in the past I log in from the game itself) when I login I press a button IN THE SITE where it says "START GAME" and the game automatically starts.

now the question is "HOW THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT?"

if any one have a clue, please please let me know!!! science that is a really really cool feature or at least I found it cool.

the url is this:

if you look close, the launch game button says "javascript:NxLaunchGameMain()"
maybe an applet? any ways how do you execute an applet from javascript without refreshing or postback.

dudes, this is not going to let me sleep xD

Thanks for your comments.