Hi everyone, I'm Dee
I'm new here so please excuse me if I'm asking this in the wrong forum. I must also admit that I also know very little about .NET / PHP and techie stuff :confused: so I'm after some help and guidance if possible.

I'm getting an enormous database driven site built and there are 2 main suggestions as to what it should be written in.
1. PHP / MySql
2. Microsoft .NET / SQL

I need the site to be very secure, FAST FAST FAST, robust and with the capabilities to be able to add to the database and site later down the track with new enhancements.
I'm also of course looking for the site to be cost effective and have been told it is much more expensive to develop a site in .NET and then there's the cost of hosting on a Microsoft Windows Server...

I just don't know. I think of 'Windows' and I think "blue screen, blue screen" :D
In your opinion, what would be best and why?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions / advice.

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If you want to secure application you can write both two languages. But .Net is much more secure than Php and also much more fast than Php.
Web application developing is not expensive in .Net. Everone told this but you can use expression editions. These are free.


I'd say go for open source (PHP/MySQL or Postgres) - free everything.
- Cheaper on your bandwidth when you download the software, compared to say >200Mb for SQL Express, .NET ..., Service Packs etcs
- I have forgotten other reasons


Hello Dee, In my point of view .Net should be preferred because its a new technology and obviously a new technology comes with some new enhancements and .Net provides you the security,robustness,reliability and faster web pages although I don't know much about PHP but still its very obvious to think that why most of the programmers have switched to .Net from PHP.
There may be many articles on the Internet and its just like a question : Whether you want to eat an orange or an apple?
What does it matter to you if you're getting something to eat and the major point is that you're not empty stomach after eating either of the two fruits i.e., your same work is done with both of the technologies.So, decision is yours whether you choose an old language or a new one.
Hope that helps.

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Thanks so much everyone for your advice, feedback and suggestions. Much to digest (pardon the pun KM499 :)).

Thanks again!
Dee :)

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