I am a final year computer science/networks student, i am going to hand in my final year project, and i was thinking of creating an online learning system which would include a database for storing student and staff details. Please i need ideas on what i can add to my project proposal, or any fresh ideas on a project in my field will help. Thanks :?:

Create an online enrollment system.

Setup 10 Courses. Each course can only have a set amount of students.

Have each student be paid up in tutiton before enrolling any single class.

Then have a credits system where a student needs 10 credits to grauate make sure they meet the criteria.. etc etc.

Or setup like BASE coruses must be taken before electives.

Should be a very good example for different types of scenarios.

Professors love to see all possiblities accounted for.

Hiya this is Brims i need an idea for a final year project computer science, nothing too hard time is running out. I want to use either php or asp with database cant seem to think of any applications can someone help please :cry: