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I wouldn't use an actual html drop down but a styled div that sits below the input box(you can even add an anchor with an image next the input box to make it appear like an actual drop down. You basically have an onchange event listener on the input box that goes through all the items in the div (could be styled <ul> element as well)and hides/shows the appropriate elements. A really good example that uses a <ul> and jquery is here:http://kilianvalkhof.com/2010/javascript/how-to-build-a-fast-simple-list-filter-with-jquery/


Hi scrappedcola

I checked with the link provided its working fine on my computer but not on my mobile (E71), I am trying this site for both mobile and computer, please help me with a simple way which can also be used in mobile too

where client can see the list and when he/she types in the search box, the list should get filtered

Thank you in Advance


The code on that site can be translated to javascript (jquery is just javascript) but since I've never done any mobile development I wouldn't be able to guarantee that it would work on your Nokia. I don't think any jQuery solution will work on your phone either as I saw a bug ticket on the JQuery site stating that it didn't work for someone else with that phone and the team responded with wontfix. That being said it would be a good way to learn about events and javascript to look at the jquery api and determine the long hand javascript that the library is doing for you. The jquery api can be viewed at jquery.com. Sorry I don't have anything else for you. If you get stuck in translating the code in the web site let me know where and I can give you pointers.

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