I'm trying to customize thesis theme of wordpress. I've done most of the things by using custom_functions.php, but the comment box is still under my home page. I've tried removing several functions, but none seem to work.here's a screenshot of my problem : http://tinypic.com?ref=wmayj9 right now, I'm using wordpress codex to get the posts and others, but if anyone can tell me how to use thesis hooks to do all the job inside, that will be great. Thanks a lot for the help.

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You probably aren't getting any replies for the following reasons:
1. Many people will think that you want help with a school thesis and aren't interested.
2. This is a pretty specialized topic. If you have purchased the Thesis theme then you should be using the DIY - Thesis support staff and members forum that are included in the purchase.

Hi chrishea,

Thanks for your reply. As I am a newbie, I made a mistake and that triggered the problem!! :P . I figured it out myself!!!

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