hello to all
i am here to clear my one confusion as i am stuck in somewhere logic part.
i have four tables in database :

on page load i have to show the states from the database in the form of checkboxes.
and when user check the checkbox i need to show the region of the checked state and the user is allowed to check multiple checkboxes at the time.
what i have to do to show the multiple entries at a time.

i have used the gridview and inside the <itemtemplate> field i have called the checkboxlist there but its not working as i want it to work.

anyone who knows bout it plz help me

You can complete your job using javascript and server side coding.First you should populate the gridview with state and region and also use the gridview rowdatabound event.
You populate the region in hidden field/lable with visibility state is false. And when you click on state checkbox, then from client side, you should show the region of checked state by its visibility property is true.
I hope you will solve your problem.

thanks for your reply sir
but i have to show four levels for the checkboxes.
so should i have to use the trick on the all the four levels i.e. for
state region district circle.

and i am also somewhat confused about the use of javascript in gridview rowdatabound event.
can u plz elaborate me on that
thank you.

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