My phpthumb will not generate thumb nails on one of my sites. The other site seems to work(although sometimes only some thumbnails are generated).

My first problem was, I was running my image paths like so:

<img border='0' src='".$row['path']."&w=150&zc=1' />
//.$row['path']. =

I was getting an error telling me that it is not recommended to do that. So I removed the and now it is viewed as:

<img border='0' src='".$row['path']."&w=150&zc=1' />
//.$row['path']. = /path/to/image.jpg

Now I am getting images, but they are not cropped, and they are not rendered down to size. I have been working on this for days and I cannot get a single error message.
Any suggestions welcomed.

Did you try a relative path to your images, not starting with a slash ?

Yeah, I removed the " / " for a few images and tried loading the gallery with those images in it and still does not crop them. But the images do show up.