Hi Everyone,

After wonderful long Google searches for almost many days, am still unable to achieve what I want to do.Name the URLS that I would have tried and all in vain,perhaps this is due to lack of coding knowledge that is encompassed within me to accept my defeat.

Synopsis: I am currently running joomla website with most of the pages viewed on my site are an i-frame module which calls SAM BROADCASTER default php pages.

Query No1:when you hit the link:http://www.tamilfmroot.com it takes you to the URL link:http://www.tamilfmroot.com/index.php, although I am not sure whether its really loading the page.Can i implement a simple script to load the index.php page of joomla to pre-load?

Query No2: The above principle of loading theory,can it be implemented on one of the menu (Make Requests)http://www.tamilfmroot.com/index.php/201010241/make-requests.php? Once this link is clicked it loads the contents with loading image and text.
Note:this information is pulled from SAM broadcaster php pages withing joomla directory.

Overall: Can it be possible to implement a loading page with an image and text?
Sorry let me know if you require more information!!!!

many thanks for your help

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I may not be understanding the questions exactly, but here goes anyway. . .

1. When you enter a URL such as www.tamilfmroot.com the server has in it's setup a line that looks for index.*** which you can specify as html/htm, php, and maybe asp(can't swear to that one). So, yes, when you enter the url http://www.tamilfmroot.com/ the server directs you to http://www.tamilfmroot.com/index.php.

If you want a different page to load you can edit the server settings or cheat and create an index.php that simply re-directs the user to the page you wish. Most people load joomla into their main working directory so the joomla index.php would be the one to load anyway.

2. Anything that can be expressed as a URL can be made into a link, as far as I know. In the above query you might use something like <a href='http://www.tamilfmroot.com/index.php/201010241/make-requests.php'>[Requests]</a> in your page. You could modify the '[Requests]' to be a button, an image, or any text you like.

Hope that helps,

Hi David,

Many thanks for the reply. The point 1 from your answer is already in place. Below is the code for loading.php which is within the body tag.

<script type="text/javascript">
            function newXMLHttpRequest() {
                try { return new XMLHttpRequest(); } catch(e) {}
                try { return new ActiveXObject("Msxml2.XMLHTTP"); } catch (e) {}
                try { return new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); } catch (e) {}
                return null;
            var req = newXMLHttpRequest();
            if(req != null)
                req.onreadystatechange = goToSilentDetection;
                // need to request a page that doesn't
                // cause much server load
                req.open("GET", "/index.php?compileonly=y", true);
            function goToSilentDetection()
                if (req.readyState != 4)  { return; }
          // -->

I have no idea what the above code does!!!!. But my question was; is it really loading my joomla index.php page?

Your answer to question 2 was great option but the only issue i have, there is already a top menu button "make requests" but the content that gets loaded is in iframe with this link : http://www.tamilfmroot.com/live/playlist.php. I just wanted this page which is an iframe module in joomla to preload with loading image when the joomla button "make requests" is clicked.

Example1: I have another top menu "movie news" which is Google RSS feeds.
when you click on that menu it loads the feeds with a loading message "loading" and shows the content in main body using joomla iframe....

Perfect Example2 which i want to achieve: http://www.cssjockey.com/
Every menu that you click on this website will have a loading message appear.

Overall: I just want a simplified loading code in Ajax/java script which gives the message "loading" and then opens the page.
Hope i haven't confused the issues.

Many thanks for the reply

I'm not sure what the index.php?compileonly=y option is returning but the code does appear to load /index.php

With the rest of it I don't have an answer right now, I'll have to research it and that will have to wait until after the installation I'm doing today. :( Hopefully someone else will have an answer for that one before I can get back to it.

BTW, love the music! :)

Hmnnn!! any one out there to help me out with my original query.
David has been real helpful so far!!!

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